This White Moroccan Eight Point Star pattern remains one of our most striking patterns. The possibilities are endless. Our Moroccan Mosaic tiles are all handmade in Morocco using traditional and ancient Moorish tile making techniques, we bring custom and specialty tiles to your space to create living works of art.

Use these colorful hand chiseled and handmade Moroccan tiles for decorative accents on kitchen backsplash, bathrooms floors, vanities, window surrounds, fireplaces and more. Be inspired and experience the delicate charm of these handcrafted treasures. Our Moroccan Tile designs are fully customizable and each pattern is available in our full range of Zellige Moroccan tiles and the art of mosaic tile making date back many centuries in the old city of Fez in Morocco.

Handmade, hand-glazed and hand cut Moroccan mosaic tiles are crafted using traditional and regional organic clays and glaze pigments. Moroccan tiles are historic in nature, dating back many centuries ago from the famous Alhambra palaces in Granada, Spain to the luxurious homes and palaces in Fez Morocco. Moroccan handmade tiles are rich in complex geometric patterns that reflect the beauty of the ancient art of islamic geometry.

White Moroccan Tile Eight Point Star Pattern 03
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