Pink Moroccan Tiles

What does pink mean?

Compared to other colours such as grey Moroccan tile, pink is definitely one that has flavour and is more emotive. As a lighter tint of red it still carries the feelings of passion and love, and although the intensity and vibrancy is not the same as that which you would get from a set of red Moroccan tiles, there is that underlying softness to it that is meant to be soothing.

That being said, softness is not a bad thing, it brings in calming effects, widens / broadens the space and is not challenging. What this means is that it opens the mind and is not suffocating.

Pink captures youthfulness, cute and sweetness. There is a sense of innocence, playfulness and femininity that it projects into a space – and with that you get whole load of personality, but also the ability to accessorize that personality.

You can get deeper and darker shades of pink that begin to exude strength, seduction and independence – with a rich and almost adult sense of passion, drive and commitment. However it is important to understand that these shades can be slightly overpowering and intimidating across key spaces such as the kitchen and hallways that you want to keep open – so if you do intend to use them you want to hallmark them for more intimate spaces.

How to use pink Moroccan tiles?

Whilst pink Moroccan tile is not everyones first choice, and more often than not, can be gendered there are multiple ways you can take advantage of pink tiles to bring them into different spaces.

What you really want to think about are contrasts and tones, complimentary colours and patterns. Generally, pink works well in functional spaces and zones, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms but not necessarily for open spaces. Pink is one of those that was not made to be the focus like a royal blue Moroccan tile, but it sure does help facilitate / create one.

Lighter touches of pink work well with white and do not take away from a rooms experience. Mix in a few repetitive patterns and you get a playful feel, perfect for the bathroom or a hallway where there are generally specific focuses / purposes – the benefit of this is that not only do you avoid clutter but you also get to select other elements e.g. lights, pots that add to the atmosphere.

Pink can be striking, and too much pink can result in the meaning getting lost in the experience, avoid that.

That is why borders, single walls and even splash backs with pink Moroccan tiles do very well without taking away from their environment. The tiles become that single focus and a pink pattern Moroccan tile becomes more attractive instead of absorbing.

You want to also be selective about the pattern you want to use – pink is a youthful, simplistic colour so you want a pattern that compliments that to maintain that consistent look and feel. The result will be a more elegant, luxurious feeling solution whilst still being minimalist. Now, can you get away with having this in one part of the kitchen?

Absolutely, but you will be stretched to get an appealing look if you were to have it all across, unless you went for light shades or mixed shades..

That is where block pink Moroccan tiles come into their own – whether rectangular or square. Having multiple shades with the added effect of light creating a glorious sheen can really capture the passion and love of pink, whilst still maintaining the more adult or youthful feel and look (perfect for the bathroom!).

Having a mixture of shades keeps the action going for pink – holding onto that playfulness, whilst still being refreshing to the eyes so that it does not get dull. This is also a quick and easy way of adding character, and a sense of age to the wall / space whilst keeping it dynamic.

The beauty of a mixture of shades is that it helps the Moroccan pink tile shed its own gendered stereotypes, albeit becoming a bit formal and almost Western when it comes to darker pinks. If you were to go for a standalone shade of pink Moroccan tile, then we would recommend lighter shades as they tend to pop, contrast very well, lose that seriousness and are brilliant backdrops to bring other accessories into, especially for bathrooms.

Examples of pink Moroccan tile

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